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I really want to know the story behind this

Hello new followers of my blog because of this picture. Here’s the story:

I work at a Veterinary Hospital that does both dog and cat boarding. This is our cat boarding room, and the cat you see there is Professor Jiggly. His full name is actually Professor Jiggly Hammish, but there wasn’t enough room on the post it note to write that. Professor Jiggly is a Bengal kitten (currently 10 months old). My job title is Animal Caretaker, so I get to feed and clean up after and play with all of the boarding pets. Professor Jiggly is not my cat, but he does have an owner. He is not for adoption and is extremely well-cared-for. He has already gone home and is no longer boarding at the clinic but he will be back again.

Professor Jiggly is loud. Anytime you walk into the cat room he is meowing for all he is worth, sticking his paws through the bars of his condo for attention. So I let him out to explore the room. You can see I tried to give him a couple of toys and I even sprinkled some catnip for him but he just wanted to check out the room. I put a post it note on the door so that no one would open the door and accidentally let him out into the rest of the clinic. 

This was as I was walking away to go tend to someone else, and he was was meowing because he wanted me to go back in there and pet him.

Rereblogging for the story behind Professor Jiggly.

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